Worship and Ministry

Ministries like College Tours to introduce students to the College Experience. Visiting the nursing home, brings the worship experience to our seniors. A trained staff is here to provide professional service to you. We worship, serve, and do all to bless God.

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Celebrations for children, voter registration, community health, environmental consciousness, and more to enhance of the lives of Fountain of Hope and the Community. Children and youth matter. Community matters. Come be a part!

FOH & National Men's Health Week

Men's Bible Study, Men's Community Health, even visiting the barbershops and places where men are located to bring the message to them. We are making a difference one man at a time. Come be a part!


Encouraging women and empowering women to grow to be all that God has created women to be. This women's luncheon "Walking It Out" empowered women to walk out bad situations to where God wants them to be. To help, shoes were given away at the luncheon. Come be a part!

FOH, A Pastor that cares about you, whoever you are.

Listening to understand you. Teaching to grow you. Doing to improve you. Loving to strengthen you. Praying for You. A Ministry About You!

Come to a place of encouragement where YOU matter! Invest at least an hour in worship and/or study watch what GOD will do with you!